Jul 1, 2014


Last night for FHE, our family, along with some friends, took a picnic dinner up to the lake.
We ate, threw the ball around, hiked,
and some of the littles even collected stinky snail shells from the water.
Disappointed as they were, I would NOT let their collection come home with us.
We finished off the evening with a gorgeous orange painted sunset.
God is good.
 You may have noticed we were missing two. . . .
This cute girl is away at Girl's Camp.  She's serving as a Youth Camp Leader.  She'll be back Thursday, just in time to celebrate the 4th with us.
  She's having a blast with all these fun girls!
We were also missing this handsome guy, who was off  'working hard for the money'.
Sometimes I really hate the fact that my kids are growing up. *sniff, sniff*  I miss them when they're not around.