Jul 7, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend-Friday

We had a great 4th of July.
We woke up early and went to the Grand Parade-
 a Collins' family tradition since 1998 (our first year in the valley).
(This guy really is happy, he's just putting on his "model" pouty face)
 The parade was pretty slow going this year.  So there was lots of time for picture taking.
Plus we waited forever for Clint to join us.  He was working on getting our car out of the ditch he accidentally parked the front tire in.  Don't worry, he was able to finagle it out and all was well. 
Uncle Russell (Clint's youngest brother) joined us later in the day to party it up.
 Of course there was a game of basketball - in flip-flops!!!  (The Collins have an unwritten rule that there must be at least one game of basketball played at all get-togethers.  NO EXCEPTIONS!)
Lots of silliness
 and homemade ice cream while watching fireworks go off throughout the valley.

Happy Birthday America.