Jul 31, 2014


I'm done, finished, completed, and most of all I've accomplished the goal I set out for myself to read the Doctrine and Covenants this month.  And boy am I glad to be done.  I'm embarrassed to admit that this is my first to ever read the D&C cover to cover, and it was really challenging for me.  The next time I read it, I plan to take it slowly and use a supplement book like this to help me understand it better.
While I still spent a few minutes in the Book of Mormon each day preparing for family scripture study, I've missed my daily dates with the Book of Mormon and can't wait to get reacquainted.

P.S.- Have you heard about My Origination?  CHECK IT OUT!  Do you think I could pass as an 18 year old so I can do this?  I really really want to.