Jul 24, 2014

Family Reunion- Day 2

 Our second and last day of our family get-together at HVC, we spent several hours straining our brains, and our bodies on what the camp calls the "low course".  The low course has 5 challenges.  Each challenge has a life/gospel lesson that it teaches.
 The first challenge we did was called the Giant Spider Web.  Each person from our group had to make it through the web without touching it.  Once someone went through or attempted to go through a hole of the web, that hole was then off-limits.
Here #2 is about to get thrown over the top hole, cheerleader-style.
Don't worry she made it just fine.
 There was also some belly-crawling, army-style. 
 Even Grandma participated.
For some reason this made Grandma get the uncontrollable giggles (she does this a lot) which made everyone laugh too.
 Since Clint was the last one and had no one to help him through, he thought he would be Superman and fly through that tiny hole right there in the center.
 FAIL!!!  Thanks for Playing.
He might have missed, but it sure was entertaining to watch.
 He ended up crawling through.
The lesson behind this challenge is that Satan tries to trap us in the web of lies he has spun, and just like we had helpers to help us through the Giant Web, we too have helpers to help us navigate around Satan's web- parents, leaders, good friends, family, etc
 The next challenge was called Shark Island.
Where Clint was standing was the ship and that little black patch over on the right of the photo was the island.  In the middle was shark infested ocean.  Out in the middle of the shark infested ocean was a rope that would carry us to safety.  First we had to find a way to get the rope without leaving the boat, and then we had to get each member of our group safely over to Shark Island.
Luckily 3 of us were wearing belts so we combined them all together to make an Indiana Jones rope. 
I can just here the theme song right now -Dah-dah-duhhhh, dah-dah duhhh!!
 With Clint's mad Skills, he was able to get the rope.  One by one we sent the kids over.
 HVC is all about safety, so we had several "Spotters" ready to catch those that might need some help.
The lesson this challenge taught was that there are a lot of hungry sharks out there in the world (temptations, addictions, bad friends, etc) waiting to destroy us.  We need to reach out and hold on tight to the rope of the gospel and stay far away from the hungry sharks of the world as we navigate through life.
 This teeter-totter challenge was all about finding balance in our life, literally and figuratively.
 We had to balance our whole group on the teeter-totter, both ends up off the ground, while singing a song.
The last challenge we did, was called The Wall.
 It was a 12 foot wall that everyone in our group had to make it over.  Two people from the group could lean over the top to give everyone a hand up, and  those on the ground could help give everyone a boost (except for the last person who had to rely on making it up far enough to get a hand up from those above).
The lesson:
The Savior is always there with His hands stretched out ready to help pull us up over Life's Walls (difficulties, heartache, etc).  No matter how bad things seem or what we've done, the Savior's Loving arms will always be there ready, waiting, and reaching out for us.  All we have to do is reach for Him.  
Another lesson is that we can also surround ourselves with people who will help boost us up.