Jun 23, 2014

Summer Vacation

We're having a great summer vacation so far.  We've been to birthday parties, swimming, and swimming at birthday parties.
 We've fed the ducks at the pond.
and boated.
Some days we've just been plain lazy and done nothing at all.
AND the number one thing we've done this summer. . . . (drum roll please)

We've been to the library more than we've been anywhere else this summer -Seriously.  I wonder if the librarians think we're crazy.
This little girl (#6), who doesn't even know how to read yet, is really into checking out Chapter Books.  She'll spend days "reading" one, and then when she's finished, she'll move on to the next.  She even uses a bookmark to save her place.??!  She'll look at a (non-picture) page for minutes.  We have often wondered what she's doing.  Is she mimicking what her older siblings do, or maybe she's looking for letters she recognizes?  Maybe she secretly knows how to read and she's hiding it from the rest of us.  I have no idea, but it's the cutest thing.