Jun 19, 2014


1. I'm still working on getting my jiggle not wiggle by going on daily walk/jog/runs.  This translates into mostly walking, a tiny bit running, and a whole lot of panting and breathing heavy.
Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I'll get to walk with the deer who are out grazing in the pastures.
Other times, if I go late enough, I get to have God's beautiful pink painted sky to walk under. Gorgeous!!!
However, in order to have this, I also have put up with God's most annoying blood-sucking creation - mosquitoes - buzzing around me trying to suck my blood and leave me itching like crazy for days, so I try not to go too late.
  2.  Tuesday night it snowed where Mr. Freckles is camping.  Thanks goodness his Eagle Scout father insisted he follow the Boy Scout motto "BE PREPARED" and pack jeans, a jacket, and an extra blanket (all things he thought he would never need).  
3.  Gram watched these two littles while I went to the temple.  They have been begging me to please let them play with Gram at her house.  They love spending time with her, and I think she likes having them.  
4.  Speaking of the two littles, last night I found this- Barbie and Ken snuggling on my couch.
Barbies have taken over our house.  I love listening to the girls play with their "Barbie Families".  Just this week, there have been 647 weddings, 13 babies born, a million "Can I talk to you for a minute privately"'s, about 1000 fights fit for Reality TV, and lots and lots of laughter.