May 15, 2014

Super Hero

MORP 2014
The Facts:

1.  Green Lantern group was originally going to go as Flash.  Luckily, Target carried these Green Lantern t-shirts for half the price, because the Flash shirts that were ordered on Amazon, still have yet to arrive.
  2.  There were originally two girls that were going to drive the group to the dance.  Last minute, one of the girls backed out.  Which leads us to #3.

3.  I and another mom took turns driving.  Our girls and their dates were so sweet about it.
photo by Spidey's Mom
4. The festivities went like this:  
     -pick up dates
     -take photos (yay me!)
     -eat a picnic style lunch at Spider-man's house followed by a friendly game of volleyball
     -dance at the High School
     -cookies and games afterwards at Captain America's
     -take dates home
5.  I love this girl.  She is kind, obedient, fun to be around, smart, loving, and she's not embarrassed to have her mama drive her around on her date.  She's definitely a Super Hero in my book.