May 5, 2014

Like Mother, Like Daughter

It's fun to see your children playing some of the same things you did as a child.
Everyday last week my bedroom was cluttered with books, and books, and more books.  These two little ones decided my room would be the most fun place to play library.
They spent hours each day taking turns- One would pick out the books and bring them to the other who would then check them out using the laser from the computer's mouse-brilliant!
Little did these girls know that 30 years ago, their mother and her sister spent months playing that same game.
It all began one day when we, my sister and I, had the brilliant idea to collect every single book in the entire house, and turn my sister's bedroom into a library.  We spent months making library cards to tape in the back of each book.
Because back then, this was the way you checked out a book.  I don't think we ever checked out a single book, but we sure had fun organizing, and alphabetizing, and making library cards.
And here my girls are, 30 years later, doing the same thing.