Apr 7, 2014

The Flour Game

Tomorrow I will tell you all about our exciting and uplifting weekend, but today, in honor of it being Monday, I will share with you one of our favorite Family Night Games -

The Flour Game
 I had never heard of the flour game until after I was married and had kids.
 Growing up, my husband would play this game with his family.
 Once our kids were old enough, he couldn't wait to introduce The Flour Game to them.
 If you're unfamiliar with how this game works, it's pretty simple.  You start by taking a cup, filling it tightly with flour, and then inverting it onto a plate.  Remove the cup, leaving just a mound of flour behind.  Now you place a lifesaver, or in our case, a penny on top.
 Each person takes a turn slicing off chunks of flour - as little or as much as they'd like.  
(Our rule: you must cut from the top slicing down, vertically)
 The object of the game is to keep the penny from falling on your turn
 with the hopes that it will fall on the next players turn.
 The player who makes the penny fall must fish the penny out with their mouth.
 And only their mouth - NO HANDS ALLOWED!
Have you got what it takes . . .
Warning:  This game will give you the giggles, and possibly a belly laugh or two (or three).  Play at your own risk.