Apr 8, 2014

Surrounded by Jocks

 I married into a family of Athletes, and then made little athletes myself (thanks to their father's genes).  I am like a fish out of water when it comes to sports.  I just kind of flop around looking dorky and feeling like I'm going to die.  Maybe in the next life. . . 
Baller (#3) is playing tennis again this year.  Last year he played on the Jr. High team for his old school. This year he is playing doubles on his new school's intramural team. 
His partner was on his basketball team.  They play really well together.
 Baller has plans to challenge a boy on the regular tennis team.  If he wins, he is automatically on the team, and the losing boy is off.  Sounds mean to me, but I'm told that's the way it works in tennis. 
 Here is part of Baller's Cheer team (although it's bad manners to yell and cheer in tennis).
Wait!  Something's wrong with Sis? 
 She is screaming "Get it Off!  Get it Off!"
(Don't worry Sis, you're mom may not be athletic but she can remove a worm from off your foot.)
This is Clint's baby sister, Deb.  She was 7 when Clint and I married.  I've had the pleasure of watching her grow into the beautiful (inside and out) woman she is today.
 Deb plays for the BYU Women's Lacrosse team.  She also had a game last Thursday night.
(Deb is on the far left)
 I've never watched a lacrosse game before and therefore had no idea what was going on
 but at least the sunset was pretty.
 and I got to spend time with my family.
 Due to the crazy wind and cold 
 I and some of my little jocks spent most of the game watching from the car.
Go BYU and my favorite little player #4!!!