Apr 3, 2014

Someone's been eating their Wheaties

 I know I'm short.  I've always been, but this is ridiculous!
This girl, my little girl, is a foot or so taller than me!  
Last week we measured the kids wing span (from the tip of one middle finger to the other middle finger with arms wide open) just for fun.  
This guy came in the winner with a wing span of a little over 5' 10" and he's not even 15 yet!
I'm not sure where the tallness genes are coming from, I'm just glad they're coming from somewhere.
As for this 5' 5" girl's height?  I think it has a little something to do with . . . .
 these babies!
She thought she was so funny!
Now that half of my kids are towering over me, I just might have to get myself a pair of these.
I may not be able to walk, but at least I'll be tall.