Apr 28, 2014

Piano, Man!

 I've had this piano for almost 17 years now.  My parents bought it when I was a baby, and I'm lucky enough to have it now.  I love this piano.  .  .I learned to play on this piano, and now some of my kids are learning to play on this piano.  
I've been wanting to refinish this piano for years, and I mean YEARS!  Over the years, the original stain has faded, there are dings and scratches, and even some large chunks of wood missing.  The whole idea of taking my piano apart piece by piece, staining it, and then putting it back together, overwhelmed me.  Plus I'm lazy and that's a lot of work!  So I opted to paint it.  I love all the cute bright yellow and turquoise pianos I've seen all over Pinterest.  They're so cute!  However, I'm lazy and I didn't want to have to repaint my piano once those colors went out of style.  So I opted for an old fashioned white.
Ta-da!  Painting this beast was a nightmare.  Let's just say chalk paint isn't what it's all cracked up to be.  This baby took six coats of paint, not the two I was told it would take, and then I had to wax it!

I'm glad it's finished.  I love the way it turned out.