Apr 22, 2014

Operation Solo Cup

Do you remember this past January when Sis (#2) was asked to Sweethearts?  
Well the tables have turned and its her turn to ask someone to MORP.
(FYI: MORP is PROM spelled backwards.  It's a casual dance where the girl asks the guy and everyone can attend.)  
While brainstorming ideas, Baller (#3) suggested doorbell ditching a bunch of ICEEs with a sign that reads: "There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you're the only one ICEE (I see).  
Let's just say his idea was rejected.
 Instead Sis went with Operation Solo Cup
 She recruited her friend, "Amy", and her two brothers to help her.
Here they are sneaking up to the house.
On his driveway they left this poster
 and using red solo cups, they spelled out the word MORP
It looked like this. . .
or this. . . 
When everyone was back in the car, Baller quickly rang the doorbell and ran.
Operation Solo Cup = SUCCESS!