Apr 29, 2014

It's Our Life is SIX!

It's hard to believe that six years ago this month I began this blog.  It's Our Life has taken on all sorts of topics over the years.  Some posts are dumb, others are awesome!  Some share the fun side of life, others the sad.  Some posts are funny, and in others, I bear my soul and share things that are close to my heart. 
I first began blogging to document family events, then I tried to make a career out of being a Mormon Mommy Blogger, that failed (and I'm OK with that).  Now I blog to keep in touch with family, to journal, and to share my testimony. I blog so that in 5, 10 , 30+ years, my family can look back and see that I had a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that I loved being a mother (with all its ups and downs), and that I love(d) my family.  I blog so that maybe the Lord will use my experiences to reach and inspire someone who desperately needs to hear read it.

Over the years I've learned a few things about blogging:

This helps to make blogging a habit and you'll be happy you documented your life, hobby, etc.
I've learned that sporadic blogging leads to long periods of no blogging. 

Everyone likes a photo to go with the story.
Plus it is so fun to go back through the years and look through all your photos.

Share your feelings, your desires, your successes and failures.  These thing make you human.  You never know, someone may learn from your experience.  
I, personally, try not to blog about anything that may embarrass anyone (now or later).  I also try not to complain or slam others in my posts.