Mar 14, 2014

Two Things

Today I want to share just two things that just might change your life.

A Video
I've been reading this book
It's cheaper on Amazon.
by Brad Wilcox

This is an A-MAZING book!!!!  It explains the Atonement and Grace like nothing I've ever read/heard before.  Recently I found a video by Brother Wilcox that summarizes his book.
His Grace is Sufficient.
Apple user you can watch it here.
This would be a great video to show in Sunday School or Young Women's/Young Men's this month!

A Blog Post:

My friend sent me a link to this post.  It is written by an LDS therapist, Maurice W. Harker, LPC. Read it!  Seriously.  He talks about how we as a parent only have a 12.5% influence on our children.

"So then, what is the point of trying?  I asked this question myself too.  And when I did so sincerely, the conference talks on parenting shifted in their meaning.  God had already made it clear to me that if he needed to, he could raise my children successfully without my help (as he has done in many cases throughout history).  As I listened more closely to conference talks, I began to learn that the opportunity to raise children had more to do with my development and spiritual training than it did with my children's.  As I listened and read more I began to understand that parent training is about me becoming a better, more Christ-like, more Spiritually anchored person."

If you watch the video and/or read the blog post, leave a comment.  I'd love to hear your impressions.