Mar 25, 2014

Monday Monday, so good to me. . .

Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be
(Are you singing along?  I hope so.)

1. Warm Weather
Yesterday, Monday, Tinkerbell and I took advantage of the warm, beautiful Spring day by going for a walk.  We have some of the best conversation on our walks.
Tinkerbell (#6) likes to use the stroller I use to push her cute baby self around in, to push her baby doll in. (Why do they have to grow up?  Can't they just stay little forever?)  Stopping every few minutes to check in on Baby to make sure she's not hungry, or sad, or being naughty.

Yesterday my nephew and sister, Kimmy-Whimmy, had a piano recital.  They played a duet together.  They did great! I'm pretty proud of my sister and my nephew too for that matter.
My nephew was pretty proud of this trophy he was awarded until he took off the plastic wrapping and loudly exclaimed, "What! This trophy is fake!" Guess he wanted solid gold instead of solid plastic.

happened yesterday morning at 9:43 am.  
I received the following text from my oldest daughter, Sis (#2).  It said:  What is your favorite scripture and why?
I'm not sure if she was just curious or if she had a seminary assignment she was working on but for some reason, this text just made my day!  
I of course immediately answered back:  Proverbs 3:5-6  
I was then able to bear a simple testimony to her that this life is for growth, not comfort.  And that I know all the hard and difficult things in my life, the Lord is using to make me a better person.  Heavenly Father knows what we need better than we know what we need.   We need to just trust Him.  He knows what He is doing.  He will make us great!