Mar 11, 2014

Little Sis

Have you ever heard the phrase:
I smile because you are my sister,
I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!
 This is my little sister, Kimberlee.  (She might be taller than me, but hey!  who isn't?)
We are 16 months apart in age.
This past Sunday, we celebrated her birthday! 
Just look at that cake!  My mouth is watering!
Sometimes photos are funny.  I couldn't help myself . . . .
Sorry I got a little distracted - back to Kimberlee:
Have you ever heard the saying:
Sisters by chance,
Friends by choice.
That's how I feel about my Little Sis.  I'm so glad we're sisters, but I'm more glad we're friends.

MORE ABOUT KIMBERLEE and why she hates to be called Kim HERE.