Mar 3, 2014

Jersey Up!

#3's basketball team has made it to Tournament.  They played their first game this past Saturday.  

This past Saturday as I was following along with the BofM365 reading challenge on Instagram (I've blogged more about BofM365 here), someone posted an awesome analogy.  The two go perfect together.

The commenter said something to the effect of:
In the last days, we already know how everything is going to end- the wicked will be destroyed and the righteous will be preserved.
 Fear or comfort will fill our hearts.  We have to decide what side we're going to be on.
So Pick a Team and Jersey Up!
 We have a work to do:
Proclaim the Gospel
Perfect the Saints
Redeem the Dead
 We get to put on our jersey and participate.
 We can not afford to sit this game out.  Those trying to sit on the bench may see that they're really not on His team after all.
 Our lives should be lived in such a way that there is NO MISTAKE of which team we represent.
 How can we be more committed to our team?
 How can we make a difference?
 HOLD ON TIGHT to what you know is right and true and good.
And then
Let's put on our Jersey's and Get to Work!

Watch THIS Video HERE