Feb 4, 2014

The First Monday of the Month

Yesterday was the first Monday of the month!  The first Monday of the month is special at our house!  Why?  Because we get a night with Grandma and Grandpa (or G&G).
Quiz. . .Is this my parents or Clint's? 
We have dinner together and then Family Home Evening.
Family Home Evening (FHE) or Family Night, refers to one evening per week, usually Monday, that families are encouraged to spend together in study, prayer and other activities. The purpose of FHE is to help families strengthen bonds of love with each other as well as provide an atmosphere where parents can teach their children principles of the gospel. 
 This is what FHE at our house includes.  Each person has a part.  We rotate through each week.
 But on the first Monday of the month, when Grandma and Grandpa come, they always teach the lesson.  (Whoever's turn it is to do the lesson on this night gets to be their special helper.)
Last night the lesson was on Prayer and how we can receive answers to our prayers.
 And here we are during game time.
 We played spoons.
 Tinkerbell (#6) was in charge of treats.  She single-handedly made these cupcakes (well, she wanted to), and boy was she proud of them.
It's always fun when G&G come.  Hooray!
They always say the kindest things and in the kindest way.
They have a wrinkly, tinkly smile.
They're happy all the day.
It's always fun for everyone when G&G come!