Feb 21, 2014

Survival of the Fittest

Raising children in this day and age is Hard! 
We live in a wicked world. Never in our memory have the forces of evil been arrayed in such deadly formation. The devil is well organized. Never in our day has he had so many emissaries working for him. Through his many agents, his satanic majesty has proclaimed his intentions to destroy one whole generation of our choice young people.
Evidence of the dastardly work of evil forces is increasingly evident. On every side we see the sad and heart-rending results. The devil-inspired destructive forces are present in our literature, in our art, in the movies, on the radio, in our dress, in our dances, on the TV screen, and even in our modern, so-called popular music. Satan uses many tools to weaken and destroy the home and family and especially our young people. Today, as never before, it seems the devil’s thrust is directed at our youth. -President Benson
Just like you, I often think,
Will I be able to make it? 
Will I be able to teach my children every thing they need to know in order to combat Satan and his army?
In 1981, President Kimball made a promise to the youth of that day.  He said,
This generation of youth is going to do deeds never done before.  You are going to accomplish the seemingly impossible because you are on His errand.  Your generation will fight the greatest army of Satanic hosts ever assembled.  You will be severely out numbered.  You will need a deep and abiding faith in Christ to survive, and YOU WILL SURVIVE.  The Lord and his servants will triumph.  We do know that.
What is that seemingly impossible task?  I believe it is the task of raising this generation of children in all the wickedness that confronts them.  It is our mission as mothers and fathers in Zion to raise righteous children in these winding down days, the days leading up to the Second Coming of Christ, when Satan, knowing his time is coming to an end, is using everything he has to try to succeed. 
The Good News
We will make it.  We cannot afford to become discouraged!  We can do it!  We can be successful.  President Kimball promised us 'YOU WILL SUCCEED'.