Feb 28, 2014

Love Notes for the Tooth Fairy

It all started in 2nd grade when I lost a tooth.  I put it, like always, in the Tooth Fairy pillow (we put our teeth into the pocket of a cute little Tooth Fairy shaped pillow that my mom made), and there it sat for days, and days.  Those days turned into weeks, which turned into a month; still no visit from the tooth fairy, which meant no money!  Finally one day, after being prompted by my parents (how did they know?), I checked, once again, to see if the Tooth Fairy had remembered me.  Finally, she had!  Inside the pillow was some money, probably a quarter, (the tooth fairy was pretty cheap back then) and a typed note from the tooth fairy that basically said to please forgive her, she had been on vacation to Disney World.
Knowing the story of my Tooth Fairy note, and thinking that the Tooth Fairy has all the time in the world to be pen pals with her, Princess likes to leave love notes along with her teeth.
Yesterday she lost a tooth and this was her sweet note:
Dear Tooth Fairy
I'll trade you my tooth for a dollar or two and thanks for the other money too!
Love, Princess
p.s. write back on the back
She even hand-makes lovely envelopes to make her love notes more official looking.
Last night, the tooth fairy forgot didn't make it.  So Princess set it on the piano with the hopes that maybe she'll come while she's away at school.  

You know what?  I think she probably will!