Jan 23, 2014

Yesterday and Today


1.  #1 and #4 were home sick from school with a Stomach Virus! Will health ever return to household again?  I sure hope so and soon.  As the saying goes, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!"  I blame the smog!
2.  This girl and I spent 2 hours hanging out at the Orthodontist's getting her new smile (or what will be in about 2 years) put on.  Who knew there were a million decisions you have to make when getting braces put on.  Do you want regular brackets or ceramic?  What color(s) rubber-bands would you like?  Would you like to put your bottom braces on today or wait a few months and put them on then?  Decisions, decisions!  #2 isn't the fastest decision maker.  She likes to take her time and really weigh the pros and cons. Finally after asking a million questions of our own, we she finally decided on ceramic top, regular bottom, clear rubber-bands, and it's better to get the pain over with all at once, so yes, both top and bottom braces were put on.
 3.  We came home to #3 making a jumbo batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies.

and Miss Little Future Baker supervising him making sure he did everything correctly!

 This is the usual view from our back porch.
This was the view this morning.

Dear Mother Nature, 
All this smog/fog is making me feel claustrophobic.  Please send a huge storm immediately.  We  could really use the snow!  Thank You.

Claustrophobic Sick and Tired Mother of 6 Sick and Tired Kids.