Jan 30, 2014

Workin' Out

On days I have time, energy, and the desire to exercise, I can always count on having two buddies help me through it.  
"Come on, Mom.  Let's do some exercising."
They're always there to coach me through and show me their version of "proper form".
Here is Princess (#5 ) working her 6-pack in the Plank position.
And Tinkerbell (#6) getting buff with some shoulder presses.

The thing I love the most about "workin' out" with these girls is that about 2 exercises in, I can always count on one or both of them saying, "Whew! This hurts.  Does this hurt you mom?  I think we better take a break."  
and then while they're taking that break they watch me and say really encouraging things like, "Wow! You're really sweating, Mom!" or "Why are you breathing so much?"  Do you think they're trying to remind me I'm out of shape?  Speaking of out of shape. . .
 Last night it snowed a good 4+ inches of heavy, wet, very heavy snow.  My lungs are still burning from shoveling my driveway 2.5 hours ago, and I didn't even get 1/3 of it cleared!
Snow!  We have a love/hate relationship!
 Where were my workout buddies this morning?