Jan 9, 2014

What would a Holy Woman Do?

A couple days ago my mom recommended this book (It's currently only $3.99 at Deseret Bookshelf).  Being the obedient child (I'm laughing just typing this)that I am, I read it, and I've been thinking about it ever since.

The book is basically about an experiment the author, Sister Wendy Watson Nelson (wife to Elder Russel M. Nelson) initiated.  She asked six women to for three days, purposely choose one daily activity per day, and to try to be holy while completing it or else to try to accomplish it the way a holy woman would.  They could choose to focus on one different thing each day or the same thing each day.
She also gave each participant a list of questions to help guide them.  

For example:
How would a holy woman start her day?
How would a holy woman approach a difficult assignment or a new overwhelming project?
How would she talk with a friend, or shop, or play, or pray, or do laundry?
How would a holy married woman welcome her husband home?
How would a holy woman read to a child or exercise?
How would a holy woman handle a conflict or avoid a conflict?
What would she read, or say, or listen to, or watch, or wear?  
If someone said something to her that was confusing, or hurtful, or demoralizing, how would a holy woman respond?
How would a holy woman respond to her own success or failure?
How would she respond to the success or failure of others?
How would a hold woman use her time and energy and money?

The things each women did (and in some cases didn't do) are remarkable and inspiring.  I finished reading this book right before bed, all night long, even in my dreams, I kept asking myself, "What would a holy woman do?"  If a book follows you into your sleep, you know its good!

Read this book, and then take Sister Nelson's challenge to focus on one thing each day and "try to be holy while doing it, or do it as a holy woman would do it."