Jan 27, 2014

Weekend Happenings

We had a busy, full weekend. 
Friday we had a fun family outing to not only Costco but to Sam's club too.  

Saturday #4, #2, and #3 each had a basketball game.  I only remembered to bring the camera to #3's.    
 The ball is thrown in.  He catches it.
 He shoots and he scores!!!!
 Here he is lined-up for a free- throw shoot.  
 Wait a minute!  What is he doing sitting in the bleachers?  #3, aren't you suppose to be out there playing the game, not watching the game?
That's better! 
All in all, it was a good game.  Our team won by a landslide, we had a "bleacher ref", (also known as a mad parent that likes to cause trouble) who was asked to leave after he tried to pick a fight with our coach (makes for great entertainment), and #3 scored 10 points out of the 40 something points!

On Saturday, we also took the little girls to get their hair cut.   
Princess (#5) went in for a trim and ended up getting a good 8-10 inches cut off. 
She thinks it short, but loves it!
 Tinkerbell (#6) ended up with an A-line bob.  She has so much baby hair growing in (finally), we decided to go short to let it catch up.
She can't tell a difference because we left it the same length in the front and that's all she can see.

Saturday night we had a visit from a gorilla.
He had a special delivery for #2.  I'll post more about that tomorrow.

Sunday, after a fun day at church, we had a few of Clint's siblings over for dinner.
His younger sister and her husband.
His younger brother and his family
and this cute guy, the baby of the family, who just returned in October from an LDS mission in the Dominican Republic!
We ate and played and laughed and talked.  We don't see these guys often enough!  For some reason, I always forget to take pictures.  I think I get so busy catching up with everyone, I don't think about it until they've left!  Next time. . . .