Jan 10, 2014

Little Future Baker

 My baby wants to "Make Stuff" when she grows up.  She has been doing a lot of practicing and is now ready to demonstrate what she has learned (with a little help from her mom). 

 First you put the butter and that other stuff in (that other stuff is called shortening).
then brown sugar
 milk and some brown stuff (vanilla).  Then turn the mixer on.
Add some sugar flour (she sometimes confuses the two- they ARE both white???)
soda, salt
 and cinnamon (her secret ingredient - cause all recipe need a secret ingredient).  Mix it.
 Put in lots of chocolate chips.  Stir it.
(The part she looks forward to, and the most important step-) TASTE IT!

Gotta Go, the phone is ringing.  I think it's Food Network calling to offer her a job.  
You can find the recipe here!