Jan 28, 2014

It's a Family Affair

Last Saturday evening, the doorbell rang.  Clint and I were out on a date.  #3, who was left in charge, about had a heart attack when he went to answer the door and found this guy chanting #2's name.  Mr. Gorilla had a very important candy gram for her.  Unfortunately she wasn't home.  Disappointed, Mr. Gorilla asked #3 to put candy gram in #2's room so she could still be somewhat surprised when she got home, which she was (and she was relieved she missed Mr. Gorilla -"cause that would have been like totally embarrassing").  
 "Baby" (Baby Ruth) my heart would "Burst" (Starburst) if you would go to "sweethearts" (sweettarts).  I think you would "score" (skor) because I'm worth $100,000 (100 Grand).  From "Nick" (Snickers)

For those of you unfamiliar with how the "dance asking" works around these parts let me explain.  It is "like totally uncool" to ask in person, or over the phone.  You have to ask in a creative unexpected way (like dressing up as a gorilla and delivering a candy gram invite).  Then the person who was asked must answer you back in a creative way.  
 Here's #2 listening to her dad describe (in great detail) what he thinks she should do.  
"Ok, ok, since he came dressed as a gorilla you this is what you should do.  You should get a bunch of bananas and give them to him with a sign that says "I'd go Bananas to go to Sweethearts with you".  Let's just say, she wasn't impressed (her face says it all).  
She needed to answer him soon since she had have see this Nick boy in first period on Monday, and "that would just be like totally awkward"!
So she spent the next hour + scouring the internet and Pinterest looking for ideas.  Since it was getting late, I decided I better offer her a few of my ideas.  We finally decided on one and quickly ran down to the store to buy what we needed before it closed at midnight.  
 Sunday night she began getting her "answer" ready for delivery.  
 Let's just say it was a family affair.  
 Everyone had their own idea of what she should write and how she should write it.
I think #5 is getting an idea:
 For those that can't read 7 year old handwriting, let me translate:  
I "heart" you
p.s. I would love you . . 
That's when her older sister flat out said "NO!  I don't think that will work!"
 Finally we got the "project" finished and ready for delivery. 
 Y.E.S.  -I would be "soda" lighted to go to sweethearts with you!
Now off to the delivery.  
(Which is another funny story, but I think I'll spare you.)