Jan 9, 2014

Foggy Analogy

Two kind of random things, but in the end they go together (I think).

1. Yesterday these two kiddos had a night out.
-My boy drove the four-wheeler up and over to a neighbors house to go sledding with the youth of our church.  They didn't meet until 7:00.  It was dark and it was starting to get foggy.

-My girl had basketball practice at 9:00, 15 minutes away in the next town over.  At 8:45 when I left to drive her to her practice, it was extremely foggy.  I could not see more than a foot in any direction.  We slowly made the drive there.  I thought about just waiting for her car during her hour and half practice, but had some things I needed to do at home, so I opted to make the foggy drive back home and the foggy drive back and forth again to bring her home.

-On the first drive over and back to practice, I couldn't help but worry about my son who was out and now had to drive back through the thick fog in order to be safely home.  He had to cross a windy main road, and I was worried he wouldn't be able to see if a car was coming through the blinding fog.  He's a great safe driver but I am a mother and it is my job to worry.  My cell phone had died early in the day, and I had forgotten to stick it on the charger.  It was like the 90's again!!  I actually had to wait until I got back home to see if he had made it home safely.  He did!  It was a relief to pull into the garage and see the four wheeler (all intact)!  My heart actually did a little leap of joy.

-On the second drive over and back, now knowing that my son was safe and sound at home, I began to think about Lehi's dream (1 Nephi 8).  I began to liken my situation to his dream.  How scary it is to try to stay on the straight and narrow path (in my case the road) through the darkness (blinding fog in the dark)as we try to reach our destination, eternal life with his family (and for me-safe and sound in my warm home with my family).  I could totally relate to Lehi when he says, "And after I had traveled for the space of many hours in darkness, I began to pray unto the Lord that he would have mercy on me. . . "  I too offered many short little prayers during the course of my drive.  At times when the fog was so thick I thought for sure I would crash, I would pray, asking for safety and the courage to keep going.  After each prayer, I would either feel a calm and peace come over me, or the fog would ease up a bit allowing me to see again.

2.  Every morning since January 1st, before I even get out of bed, I read from the Book of Mormon.  I have been following bofm365 on Instagram.  They tell you exactly what to read each day. Using my "smartphone" I look on Instagram, see what verses to read that day, then open up my Gospel Library app, and read them.  It takes me about 4 minutes total.  I love beginning my day this way!  And I love reading the comments that are posted, it interesting to read everyone's insight.

-Today the reading assigned was part of Lehi's dream, the very thing I was thinking about last night!  Coincidence?  I think not!