Jan 2, 2014

5 Things

1.  I joined with the rest of the world over the holidays in being sick.  I finally pried myself out of bed to join the land of the living yesterday.  I've been suffering from a severe case of Streptococcal Pharyngitis since Friday.

2.  Yesterday we FINALLY got around to putting away the Christmas decorations and taking out the tree that has been dead for the last two weeks.  Our house looks naked. I suddenly have the urge to buy lots of curtains and furniture and decorations to fill the void left behind.

3.  I think Clint over did it yesterday with his knee- even though he made the boys carry everything and was really careful not to put too much weight on it.  I think being up all day on it was too much.  It was sore last night which means he didn't sleep well, which means I didn't sleep well, which probably was the reason for this:

4.  Last night I had the strangest dream,or maybe it was this morning, who knows.  Anyway. . . I dreamt  I was at church and the BYU soccer team was visiting. I went to say hello to them because we had just finished filming a movie together (I don't ask questions, I just dream).  The whole time we were talking people were dumping Gatorade on them (do they even do this in soccer?)  After our visit I went to wait for my family in our pew.  My little #5 was already there.  She was wearing a purple hoodie with a pink bra over it, my pink bra (which I don't actually own in real life)!  What?  I was so embarrased!  Had she worn this to her primary/Sunday school class?  Then I woke up.  Thank Goodness.

5.  This is one of those dreams you hope will never come true.