Dec 10, 2013

Tramping through the Snow

 It snowed again last Saturday.
 So what did we do?
 Well, these two rode around on this,
while the rest of us loaded up in the car and drove to one of our favorite sledding hills
 which just happens to be on the grounds of this beautiful old building.
Here's the front.  Isn't gorgeous?  
Underneath the eaves there are speakers playing Christmas Classics, such as, Dean Martin's "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" (how appropriate) to listen to while you play.
 I don't think this little munchkin ever went down the hill by herself.  
 But these two did.  (Apparently #4 is really working hard - Check out his face!)
 Then there was the idea to make a train.
 #4 let go half way down the hill, but he screamed the whole way down!
 The worst part about sledding is having to walk back up the hill! 
 It can really wear a person out - look at my baby she's practically crawling up.
 Whew!  Sledding is hard work. Notice I stayed at the top of the hill?.

 That is until these two talked me into taking them down to the playground.
 And then to tramps across the 53.5 acre grounds so they could "see the lights up close".
Like this skiing moose
 and this train
 and this carriage
"Thanks, Mom, for tramping through 53.5 acres worth of snow so we could "see the lights up close".  You're the best!"  
You're welcome sweetie, now hurry and go get Dad, I can't feel my legs anymore.

By the way, Gram is making a guest appearance here today!