Dec 27, 2013

Minute to Win it Christmas Party

Last Sunday along with the Service Bucks Auction we also competed in a few Minute to Win it games.
 Here I am with my brother-in-law, Steve trying to put these boxes filled with anywhere from 5-30 jingles bells in order from least jingles bells to the most.  We lost! (By the way, can I just say I hate my camera!  Thank You, I feel better now.)
You'll remember this from yesterday.  The object of this game was to shake all of the bells out of a tissue box tied around your booty.
 If you recall, there was some pretty good break-dance moves going on during this game.
 Next up was Pin the Nose on Rudolf.
 I love the way #5 is looking at her grandma.  Also, I'm pretty sure #1 (far right) cheated!
And last but not least, the Grand Finale - 
well, lets not go there. . .