Dec 3, 2013

It's Tradition

These are my parents.  (Hi Mom and Dad!)
Several years ago they started a fun tradition for their grandkids.
Sometime during the first week of December
they invite all the grandkids (This year only my 6 and one of my sister's could make it.)over to their house to 
decorate their tree!
My mom still uses ornaments from when we were little, ones we made in elementary school, cloth ones she made back when she had three little (naughty) kids who liked to play with the ornaments on the tree.  She even has some felt ones my great-grandma made.
Here is where you will see the difference between using the manual mode on your camera versus the automatic mode.  Much better right?
Last ornament, wow!  that tree is full.
And last but not least, grandpa holds up a little one to place the star on top.
Ahhh, making memories, that's what it is all about.