Dec 2, 2013

Christmas Books

Each year along with getting out the Christmas decorations, we also get out our collection of Christmas books.  

We love to read these books individually and also together as a family.  Here is a few of my favorites:
The Forgotten Carols
by Michael McLean

This is the story of a nurse, Constance Chamberlin who is assigned to care for an elderly man, who calls himself, Uncle John.  Uncle John insists that he is 2000 years old, and that the ornaments he puts on his Christmas tree were given to him by people who played a small part in the Nativity:  the innkeeper who turned away Joseph and Mary, the shepherds who followed the star, and an angel (just to name a few).  With each ornament, Uncle John plays for Constance a "forgotten Carol".  
This book also comes with a music CD of the "Forgotten Carols".  It is one of my favorite Christmas CD's to listen to.

Gathering Christmas
by Larry R. and Lisa Gleave Laycock

This short story is about a couple and their Christmas tradition of secretly helping others.  When you are done reading this book, you will be filled with Christmas Spirit and inspired to develop your own traditions that uplift and serve those around you.

This past summer while browsing my local library I came across this book!  It is such a fun story that puts a different spin on the 12 Days of Christmas idea.  I plan on adding it to our library soon!
This book is about 9 year-old girl, Charlee, whose family has not only fallen on hard times, but she becomes critically ill herself.  On December 12th a mysterious note is delivered that promises twelve days of gifts and stories that will reveal the truth behind the beloved Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas. As the days go by, the gifts hint at a possible lost lyric- a 13th day of Christmas.  This old Christmas favorite turns into a Christmas miracle.