Nov 26, 2013

Wish Lists

Ladies and Gentlemen, I will now demonstrate to you the difference between the Teenage Christmas wish list and the Sweet Innocent Child Christmas wish list:
(commentary by Rachael)
Exhibit A:
written by a 17 year old
allow me to decode this for you
1. Verizon 3G Wi-Fi for my iPod (you're lucky to even have an iPod!)
2. An iPod 5th generation 16 GB (what's wrong with the iPod you have? See #1 above.)
3.  Entire Legend of Drizzt Series Books (now that maybe I can do, but I'll have to read them first) 
 4. Money (don't we all!)
5. Wi-Fi (May I just note that the only Wi-Fi we allow our children access to is on our family computer- in the middle of the kitchen.  AINT GONNA HAPPEN!)
6. Appstore Gift Card (depends on what you want to buy)
7. (His 7 slightly looks like a 4 to me-just sayin') Guitar Amp (I think I'll get you this when you're ready to move out of the house!)
8. A Car (Me too!)
 9. Pool Table (where would we put this?)
10. couch/TV for room (How does a $20 couch from the GoodWill sound?  A TV in your bedroom. . . .sorry, not going to happen.)
11. Xbox 360 and games (wait!  I believe we already have one of these.  Oh, you meant you want it to go with the TV in your room!  Ohhhh, I see.  -- NO!)
Exhibit B:
written by a 6 year old
again, allow me to decode this for you:
 1. jewelry (me too!)
2. jewelry box (maybe with a little ballerina?)
3. dress (definitely a can-do)
4. lip gloss (chapstick)
5. shoes (You do need some snow boots.  Does this count?)
6. mirror (that would be so cute in your room)
7. (apparently some of my children never properly learned to write their 7s) Princess Dress (which is apparently different from #3)
8.  High Heels (why do you want to grow up?)
9. American Girl Doll (Have you seen the ridiculous price for these?!)
10. Glass Slippers (How about some plastic dress-up shoes?)
11. a Jesus Doll (Isn't this just the sweetest!)
12. Purse (She's been using my old diaper bag)
13. Hello Kitty Doll (Sometimes I see teenagers wearing Hello Kitty.  Is it a teen thing or a little girl thing?  Someone please tell me!)
14. Rapunzel Bow (for her hair)
15. Cute (Ca-Ute!) Bow (What can I say?  The girl likes to accessorize)
What are your kids wishing for?  What are you going to actually get them?  Can someone hire me a personal shopper please?  I need some help!