Nov 1, 2013

The ONE who invented Trick or Treat

 Yes I invented "Trick or Treat"
So you could fill your mouth with sweets-
 Candy bars and lemon drops
Marshmallow and Tootsie Pops
Butterscotch and bubble gum
Hold out your hand -- they'll give you some
Chocolate Kisses, Jujubes,
Sour balls, and Jelly Beans
Have a cake -- some cookies too
Take a couple -- grab a few 
 Peppermint Sticks and Mary Janes
Licorice Whips and Candy Canes, 
Slurp some soda, munch a pie
Don't let those M&M's go by. 
Chew that toffee, munch those treats
Get that caramel in your teeth.
Then come see me, I'll be here --
I'm your friendly dentist, dear.
-Shel Silverstein