Nov 5, 2013

Olden Days

 Sunday I celebrated my 36th birthday! 
 My husband loving displayed these photos on the fridge.
 I guess to remind me of how far I've come.?!  Let's look a little more closely shall we?
This was me in 2nd grade.  Apparently I wanted to be a boy!  Thank goodness boys did not wear  the color purple back then or I really would have been mistaken for one with that haircut. 
This is me on my bed.  Check out that bedspread and the Holly Hobby plate hanging on the wall.  Classics! The chest in the corner my uncle made for me.  I have no idea where it ended up but I'd sure like it now for my girls' playroom.
 This was my first day of school 1986.  We lived in New York at the time.  Apparently New Yorkers wear mid calf shorts (which by the way I'm pretty sure my mom made) and white socks with  black flats. 
This was 6th grade, 1990. What is with the pleated shorts and matching vest?  Why were vests for ladies even in style?  Let's not forget to mention the waterfall bangs.
This morning my baby, #6, was looking at these pictures and pointed to this one and asked, "Mom why were you wearing that?"
To which her older sister #5 took the liberty of answering. "Because it was the Olden Days!"
Know what I have to say to that?  "AS IF!"