Nov 9, 2013

Oh No She Didn't!

Remember my crazy sweet grandmother, (we call her Gram) and her really big weekend?
I told you about Saturday, now let me tell you about Sunday.  First, let me start by saying that last Sunday, was my birthday.  I turned 36.   And do you remember that 20 years ago on Gram's birthday I gave her an awesome gift?  As in, her first Great-Granddaughter?  Well, this year Gram tried to one-up me, and boy did she.
 Are you ready for this? 
Are you sitting down?
Hello! Anybody still there?
 I'll get on with it. I'm just trying to build up the suspense.
This year for my birthday, 90 year old (well almost) Gram . . .
Drum Roll please.
What a birthday present! 
Maybe one day I'll share her conversion story with you.  It's a good one.