Nov 23, 2013

For the Love of Reading

Just like this little one of mine, I love to read.  From time to time I thought I'd share with you some of the books I'm Reading, or Have Read, and loved.
Right now I'm reading this book.  Love Life and See Good Days by Emily Freeman
Emily has a way with taking everyday happenings and relating them to gospel principles.  She is amazing!  Her writing style makes me feel like we're old friends just having a conversation. 
Love Life and See Good Days is a handbook for how to take as our motto the scriptural phase found in 1 Peter 3:10 "Love life, and see good days".  Emily shares scriptures, suggestions, and stories from her life to help us "to see a good day, change our perspective, look at things in a different light,  laugh, uncover good that may be concealed, let our perspective allow us to focus on the Lord.
Seriously this book is a great uplifting quick and easy read.  It will leave you feeling happy and better about life.
You can purchase this book here or here