Nov 11, 2013

Birthday Traditions

Birthday week is officially OVER at our house!  We celebrated 5 birthdays over the course of ONE WEEK.  Today I'm going to share our birthday traditions with you.
Tradition 1- Everyone gets their own birthday "cake" complete with candle(s) which they get to blow out after being sung the Happy Birthday song.
This was my cake.  We ran out of eggs so Clint and the kids "creatively" constructed this Graham Cracker and frosting cake and called it a Minecraft cake.  That's using your noggin'.
Here's my beautiful daughter #2.  She turned 16.  I'm still in denial.
 And last by not least, here's Clint's.  He's got some lung power.
He always requests a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Pie for his birthday. I think it's because we're all a little sick of cake by his birthday.
Tradition 2-   The Birthday Cup
 This tradition started in kind of a weird way clear back in 1997.  Clint was coming home from work (an hour drive back then) and had a hankering for some curly fries and a roast beef sandwich.   He stopped by Arby's (cause nobody does curly fries and roast beef like Arby's) and with his order they handed him a fancy stemmed glass.  They next time birthdays rolled around, Clint thought since we now owned a fancy glass, and only one fancy glass, the birthday person should get it, and it became the Birthday Cup.  Every year since, the birthday boy or girl gets to drink out of the Birthday Cup on their birthday.
This year our cute little 6 year old decided she wanted to start the tradition of playing the Happy Birthday song painfully slow on the piano for everyone to sing to. Will this become Tradition #3?   The jury is still out on this one.
Just for the record, the other two birthdays we celebrated this week were Gram's and Clint's mom's.