Oct 16, 2013

Tower Mountain

 If you look closely at the top of this mountain you can see a tower (thus the name Tower Mountain).
GOAL:  Ride up to the tower on Tower Mountain 
Last Saturday afternoon we set off with some friends on a handful of four-wheelers to accomplish our goal.
 The scenery was beautiful!  The leaves at the base of the mountain were just reaching their color peak.
 We had to ride scary cliff-hanging switch backs, but the view was amazing.
 Speaking of amazing, I snapped most of these photos while riding on the back of a four-wheeler going 25 mph holding on for dear life with my thighs!  SO please forgive the blurriness!
 After going through beautiful sunny, colorful terrain, we finally reached the wet, cloudy, and cold back of the mountain.
 #5, and #6 rode with Clint (lucky ducks).
 After not too long we reached snow!
 The kids couldn't figure out why I dressed them in snow pants, hats, gloves, and winter coats.  They were thanking me at this point.
 Oh no!  It appears we're stuck in the snow!
 Will we ever make it to the top?
Will our dream of reaching the top be dashed to a million pieces?
Will we have to turn around and head back down the mountain?
to be continued. . . . .