Oct 25, 2013

That Was Random!

The other day I remove 243577657 photos off my mobile phone. 
I'll share some of them with you. What have we here?
 My new front porch (Wait!  Did you know we moved? You didn't?  I'll have to tell you about it sometime.) all decked out for the 4th of July.
#6 holding the sister she's been asking for almost everyday for the last 2 years.  Just kidding, this is my friend's baby girl. Looking at this almost makes me want to have another one.  (ALMOST!) 
 I love folded potato chips.  This one was 3 folded chips in one! 
 Gigantic moth, also at our new house.
 My friend, Denise, trying on maxi shirts at a skirt party we went to.
 Can you really go wrong with Honey Boo Boo scratch and sniff stickers?  My guess is YES!!!
 Sent this to our friends the Ballers.
 Notebook I debated buying for my Brother-in-law, Russell to carry around.  He was in the Dominican Republic on a mission for our church at the time.
 Wish I had more moments like this!
 #2 driving for the first time after getting her Learner's Permit.
 Good times at the dentist!  Do these large mouth horses actually help or scare the kids ?
 My most favorite salad in the whole wide world- Café Rio Pork, no cilantro or guacamole.
 Taken by #6 (or maybe #5, it's hard to tell) of her baby doll. 
Looking at this does NOT give me the same feelings at the baby picture above.
 After 16 years this lady is still giving the news in Memphis, TN. (Don't ask)
 #6 playing Vintage Barbies
 Do these leggings make me look fat?
My sister wanted to know what I was wearing to a play we were going to together, I texted this back to here.  I figured it answered.
 My mom, feeding our "granddaughter".
 Homemade Bread, fresh from the oven.  Can you say "YUM"?
I also found a 1000 of photos just like these.  Clint, if you're reading this- stay away from me phone!
I could keep going, but I think I've bored you enough for one day.  What fun photos do you have hanging around on your mobile phone?  Happy Friday!