Oct 21, 2013

Once in a Lifetime

 A week or so ago, my children were awakened by phone calls and texts from their friends informing them that something big was about to go down (well, really up).
 We quickly loaded everyone in the car and made the 15 minute drive down to Payson, UT.
Apparently so did everyone else and their grandma.  The streets were crowded.  I think I even saw a few people with $5 parking signs.  Not really.
 Since everyone was in the front, we decided to view this Once in a Lifetime event from the back!
That was a smart move!
 After waiting for what seemed like forever, we finally caught a glimpse of a large gold angel rising up over the rooftops.
 And it rose,
 and since it was rising so slowly, we took the opportunity to take a family-ish photo.
 and it rose some more.
 finally cresting to the top of the large ivory white spire.
 We continued to watch, and wait, and wait
We waited so long that I started taking pictures of the thistle in front of us.
 And finally, finally when we couldn't stand the suspense any longer . ..
Ta-Da!  The Angel Moroni is now free standing, calling all to worship and give glory to God, in preparation for the second coming of the Lord.

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