Oct 19, 2013

My Baby

This is my baby, #6!  Don't you just love her freckles!
She use to look like this.
Then she went and grew up on me! 
Now she looks like this.  In fact, there's just one more year left before she up and leaves me for Kindergarten! 
The other day I asked her, "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
Her response, "Make Stuff". 
"What kind of stuff?", I asked. 
She said, "Like cupcakes, and cookies. . ."
 Maybe that's why this girl asks me everyday, "Mom, can we make a treat?"  I use to think it was because she likes spending time with me or that she wants to practice her baking skills for when she grows up.  But then I realized . . . . 
She just wants to lick the bowl!  Maybe she'll grow up to be a Professional Taste Tester instead.
Excuse me now while I go cry. . . .