Oct 31, 2013

How to Carve a Pumpkin

In honor of Halloween, I bring to you
Step 1:  Choose THE RIGHT pumpkin for you, even if you have to go 27 different places to find it.
Step 2: Cut the top off.
Yeah #4, you're gonna have to go ahead and move that knife.  It aint gonna cut itself!
Step 3:  Scoop all the "guts" and seeds (or pumpkin nuts as this girl calls them) out.
scrape, scrape, scrape
Put your back into it!
Great job!
Step 4:  Wash all those slimy guts off your hands.
Step 5:  Think about what kind of a face you want to give your pumpkin.
Step 6:  Carve that face.
Step 7:  Place your pumpkin on the porch
Step 8:  Step back and admire your work!
Don't clean out your pumpkin's innards, don't even cut the top off,
Simply cut a face into it.
don't be afraid to ask for help, pumpkins can be rolly sometimes.
Place it on the porch,
dump all it's guts out
a  voila!
Have a Fun and Safe Halloween!