Oct 22, 2013

Death at the Provo Tabernacle!

 Long, long ago, back when we only had 3 young kids, we use to attend this beautiful place of worship, also known as the Provo Tabernacle.
Years before this terrible, tragic, "blessing in disguise" happened, we had a minor tragedy of our own in this very building!
We were sitting in the left balcony, on the front row.  We figured since there was a railing and about a 20 foot drop on the other side, this would be a great place to coral our three young energetic children.  We had brought several things to attempt to entertain them with the hopes that that would keep them quiet.  One of these such things just happened to be a small glass snow globe.

Something very similar to this.  Cute, huh? 
We had given the snow globe to our baby, #3, who was almost two at the time.   He got a thrill out of shaking it and watching the snow fall down. It kept him entertained for hours (which in adult time equals to be about 5 minutes). Suddenly out of the blue, with no warning at all, #3 got mad and threw that cute little (now deadly) snow globe over the rail. 
Are you following me?  A snow globe just thrown (at the full force of a 2-year old) off a 20 foot balcony into the crowd below, by MY child!!!
The scene which we assumed was about to errupt, flashed before our eyes: 
Some unsuspecting, sweet, little, old widowed lady, who of course was able to get a "good" seat because she didn't have three small children plus herself, plus her husband to get ready that morning, was just innocently sitting there, enjoying the worship services, when this snow globe comes crashing down, hits her on the head, and kills her instantly.  We could almost hear the faint sounds of the ambulance as it came to carry her away, and the even louder sounds of police sirens as they came to carry us away.  
We were so scared to look. 
 Finally, Clint peaked his head over the railing and breathed a sigh of relief.  The snow globe didn't kill anybody.  Luckily it landed very gently and unsuspecting into a sweet old lady's purse. 
Tabernacle Temple Rendering
The Tabernacle is now being restored and will, in the year 2015, function as an LDS Temple.
It now looks like this:

Cool, huh?