Sep 10, 2012


I love to read.  I rarely go to sleep at night without having read a few chapter or more first.  Here are some of my favorite books (at the moment).
Have you ever read the Betsy-Tacy book series?  I've read and reread and am currently reading these aloud to #5.  They were published between 1940 and 1955.  They are a timeless story of friendship,family, love, and small-town living.  There's even a Blog dedicated to to these books!

My new favorite addiction is this book series.  If you like a mystery and food these books are perfect for you.  The series follows a middle-aged woman who's obsessed with food (in a good way), Sadie, through one mystery after another.  My favorite part?  When a dish is mentioned in the book, the recipe is given at the end of the chapter.  LOVE!  There are currently 8 books in this series and hopefully 100's more to come.