Sep 11, 2012

Best Vacation of the Year

 We stayed in this beautiful cabin
 and rode our 4-wheeler everyday from our cabin 
around the trails of this breath-taking lake.
We also spent 4 days here!
We spent most of our time looking through these contraptions to see
6 black bear, 1 coyote, a Pranghorn, elk, deer, an owl
 and a million bison, which we first thought were cool,
but we soon grew tired of becausethey would not GET OUT OF THE ROAD!!!
 We saw this
and this
and TONS of spectacular  views like this (not us silly)
 We picniced
earned our Jr Ranger Badges
 and even turned part cowgirl while we were there!

Our Most Favorite part of ALL was spending time together as a family!
 outside Old Faithful Lodge
 don't judge. . . it was very windy this day!
 playing games with grandpa
Kepler Cascades
 88 year-old grandma
Hiking to Tower Falls