May 11, 2012

Breathing Space Conclusion

Slumber Party with my Roomies!!
(wish I'd taken a photo of all those wonderful women who shared a house together with me)
AND. . . .
What better way to end the Party of All Parties than with a Fiesta,
and thick black facial hair?
 You better believe Cafe Rio catered it!  My favorite.  Mmmm my mouth is watering just typing this!
 and for dessert, this awesome cake made by Ashley from Tospy Turvery.

I had such a fun time getting together with old friends and making new ones.  Was it worth the drive and my time?  Absolutely!

p.s.- Did I mention I locked my keys in the trunk of my car?  Well, I did.  Luckily a nice officer from the South Jordan Police department came to my rescue.  Thank YOU SJPD!!!!