Apr 30, 2012

This is RAD!

Color me Rad, actually.  I know what you're thinking. . . .THIS IS SO UNLIKE YOU!  Yes, yes it is.  I'm turning over a new leaf (and you can tell how excited I am from these photos). . . .
I 'ran' this colorful 5K with a group of awesome women (& some of their kids) who will be attending a Breathing Space  Retreat (a blogger's retreat happening THIS weekend, another (so unlike me) thing I'm excited about).
Here we are before the race (all nice and clean)!

Here we are after.  Pretty Rad, huh?

After taking these photos I realized I was still wearing my dorky hat and earmuff!  AHHHH!  Hope I won't be remembered this weekend as that girl who didn't want her ears exposed! 
There that's better .  Yes, most of the color came off.  Thanks for asking.  Anyway. . . ..
Everyone could use a little color in their lives!  There are still tons of races to be had.  Go to Color Me Rad's website to see if there's a race near you!  You know you want to!