Apr 10, 2012


In an effort to get healthier, I made a pact with a friend of mine that I would stick to a NO-SUGAR on the weekdays, only on the weekends, diet with her.  I'm happy to report I made it all week!!!  Which was quite the feat (if you read my recipe blog, you'll know that baked goods are my best friends).  I was excited to weigh myself to see how many pounds I'd lost by doing this.  Well, I'm not happy to report that I gained 2+ lbs.  WHAT????  I'm really thinking hard about whether or not I want to continue this.  I need a good (and I mean GOOD) reward for doing this or really there is no point. RIGHT?  Well, guess I'll try it for one more week, but if there is no change or if I gain more weight, I'll be switching to an ALL sugar diet!!!!  I'll keep you posted.

Hope you have a great day, and PLEASE eat a treat for me!

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